Sepiroth is a brutal old-school death metal band from Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. The band has been founded in 2003 by drummer Damiën and guitarist Chris. With the current stable line-up, Sepiroth wants to take their crushing death metal to the stages of world with more power and strength than ever before.

The line-up:

  • Nico Munnik – Vocals (current: Toxocara, ex-Fumes of Decay)
  • Chris Both – Guitar
  • Sonia Nusselder – Bass (current: Burning Witches, Ursinne)
  • Vince den Breejen – Guitar
  • Damiën Kerpentier – Drums (current: Severe Torture)


Sepiroth makes riff-oriented death metal with many blastbeats. In the veins of Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Vomitory and Sinister. Sepiroth doesn’t want to label themselves with a single sub-genre, the songs differ from brutal death metal to technical and old-school death metal. Regarding the overall sound, Sepiroth aims to have a unique and tight sound.