Jan 18 2015


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Dec 30 2014

Sneak preview: Their heads, our glory

Dec 29 2014



After much work, blood, sweat, tears and delay, our new album Uninvolved will finally be released!

Uninvolved will be available as:
LIMITED EDITION VINYL (white + 100 pcs. hand numbered)

Stay tuned – you will be updated very soon!

…And thank you for your patience, time to hit the road again!

Sep 18 2013

Into the Studio

From the last weekend of October until the end of November we will be hitting the Profenation Studios once more! We have written ten brand-new death metal tracks which will be put to tape in (hopefully) five weekends. We’ll try and send out regular updates!


– Sepiroth

Mar 23 2013

Façade: Ben is a busy man

Hi friends!

While we are finishing our new album (we are very nearly there…), Ben (our vocalist) hasn’t been sitting still. Besides spending a lot of his time with Sepiroth, he has been working with his other band: Façade. As most of you know, Ben is an avid Doom Metal fan (just give a listen to his other doom project ‘Night of Suicide’), but with this new band he’s taking a turn into the more melodic realms. In other words; give it a listen even if your regular cup of brutal tea doesn’t feature doom metal.

You can check them out on their Facebook page. They will also feature (for the first time ever!) on Ben’s annual Doom Metal festival ‘Dordrecht Doom Day’, which will already see its third version this year.

That’s all for now, you’ll hear from us soon…

Stay brutal! – Sepiroth

Jan 11 2013

Breaking the silence?

Hi all!

A belated happy and brutal new year from all of us! It’s been silent here (well, not exactly silent, but we haven’t been saying much to you guys now have we?) and it will remain that while for a little while. So for the time being: no gigs and no regular updates until (drumroll…) our new album UNinvolved is finished!

We’re working hard right now to make new tunes that you hopefully will like, hence we’re not doing shows at the moment. And let’s be honest: without some new tracks it isn’t very interesting to have us on stage right now!

There is something you can do to help though! We will need an album design and subsequent shirt designs. If you are an artist (or think you are one – we’re not asking for degrees here) or know one, and would be willing to help us out (for a small rewards, there’s not too much we can offer except eternal fame), please get in touch! It’s much appreciated. Starting artists might find it a useful way to get their portfolio going, we’re not looking for the regular ‘blood and skulls’ design for this one…

Unfortunately, our deal with CrossFireCult records hasn’t been the best and we’re looking for a new label to release our album on. If you own a label or know a label that’s interested, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Cheers! – Sepiroth

Nov 21 2012

Jogja video online!

It’s not the best quality, but it’s something nonetheless. Enjoy!

– Sepiroth

Nov 19 2012

Stigma’s anniversary gig and some archival work…

We haven’t been sitting idle since returning from Indonesia. First of all – even though we do not plan to do any other gigs while working on our new album ‘UNinvolved’ (due to be released in 2013) – we are happy to announce that we’ll be playing at Stigma’s 15-year anniversary show on the 29th of December in Gorinchem. Support Stigma and other friends and come over for some belated Christmas brutality!

Second, we’ve done a major update on the site. Loads of new pictures from the Indonesia tour, a discography page and – as you might’ve noticed – a crackin’ new background image! But most importantly, we’ve finally gathered some time to start working on our major gig-archive. It’s not yet complete, and we’re missing some flyers/posters every now and then. Come across some in a dusty box? Let us know! We would love to have a complete list.

In the meanwhile, we’ll continue to work on the new album and prepare some tours maybe(?) Who knows, we’ll keep you updated!

– Sepiroth

Oct 01 2012

Ever seen a half-naked Australian drummer?

We have, together with a huge crowd of Indonesian fans!

Check out Daniel from Devour the Martyr stage-crashing and flashing our gig in Yogya!

Not acquainted with Devour the Martyr? Check them out!

Devour The Martyr – For The Slaughter

– Sepiroth


Sep 27 2012

First batch of pics: Bali

Hi friends! The pictures of the Bali gig (15th of September 2012) are online. Check the gallery section. Hopefully the Yogyakarta pictures will be online soon too. We’ll keep you updated.

– Sepiroth

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