Sepiroth is an old-school/brutal death metal band from Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. The band was founded by childhood friends Damien Kerpentier and Chris Both back in 2003 when they were in their early teens. Influenced by various black- and death metal bands, the duo played together with varying friends under different band names. Vocalist Ben de Graaff joined the band in 2003, who became the first steady band member besides Chris and Damien. In a shed in Damien’s backyard – which was hardly soundproof – the foundation for what would become their first demo ‘Carnage of the Souls’ was created. This 4-track demo, which was recorded and released in 2003, was sold out in just a few months.

In 2005, lots changed for the band. Julian Schaap from Rotterdam joined the band as guitarist next to Chris, who together created a new death metal sound for the band. This meant that Sepiroth left their black metal background and moved towards the spectrum of old-school and brutal death metal. This explosive mixture has suited them well since then, and the band started producing new tracks at a very fast pace. This resulted in the EP ‘Dying for Hatred’, which was released in 2007. As a quartet without a bass player, the band did dozens of gigs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany between 2006 and 2008.

Between their very first start and now, the band has been able to share the stage with amazing bands such as Decapitated, Severe Torture, Sinister, Siksakubur, Architects, Devour the Martyr, Disavowed, Nunslaughter, Demonical, Nominion, Skinless, Cerebral Bore, Sanatorium, Crimson Falls, Torsofuck, Pleurisy, Fleshless, Goratory, Gruesome, Krisiun, Deranged and of course our friends Rectal Smegma.

In 2008, Sepiroth entered the study once more to finally record their first full-length album. Unfortunately, due for various reason, the record entitled ‘Breaking the Codes of Silence’ was only released in 2011. In the meanwhile, the album had been freely available as a download on various websites. The online version of the album received great reviews, which is why it was released on cd a few years after its initial recording.

2010 was a weary year for Sepiroth, as Julian had to leave the band due to personal circumstances. Not much later he was replaced by the band’s good friend Niels Lanser, who took on the vacant guitarist position. The band remained in touch with Julian however, leading to his return as bass player in 2011. As a steady quintet, the band released Breaking the Codes of Silence and started to do shows again. From this moment onwards, the band has been working on tracks for their next album ‘Uninvolved’, which is due to be recorded and released in early 2015.

In the meanwhile, Sepiroth did their first intercontinental performances in Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia in September 2012, a new chapter in Sepiroth’s 9-year history!

As usual with bands that last for a while, another guitar player decided to leave: in 2013 Niels Lanser was replaced by the young, blond guitar god Vince den Breijen, ready to hit the road again!















Early 2015 the album ‘Uninvolved‘ was released! Shortly after that Julian Schaap decided to leave Sepiroth. He did his last show at the 23rd of august 2015 at Baroeg, Rotterdam. He is replaced by Ghislain van der Stel.









At the end of 2016 Ghislain van der Stel left and went to Sinister. So we are looking for a new bass player.

In february 2017 we found a new bass player her name is Sonia Nusselder.


















Sepiroth are:
Chris Both – Guitar
Ben de Graaff – Vocals
Damien Kerpentier – Drums
Vince den Breejen – Guitar
Sonia Nusselder – Bass

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