Jan 11 2013

Breaking the silence?

Hi all!

A belated happy and brutal new year from all of us! It’s been silent here (well, not exactly silent, but we haven’t been saying much to you guys now have we?) and it will remain that while for a little while. So for the time being: no gigs and no regular updates until (drumroll…) our new album UNinvolved is finished!

We’re working hard right now to make new tunes that you hopefully will like, hence we’re not doing shows at the moment. And let’s be honest: without some new tracks it isn’t very interesting to have us on stage right now!

There is something you can do to help though! We will need an album design and subsequent shirt designs. If you are an artist (or think you are one – we’re not asking for degrees here) or know one, and would be willing to help us out (for a small rewards, there’s not too much we can offer except eternal fame), please get in touch! It’s much appreciated. Starting artists might find it a useful way to get their portfolio going, we’re not looking for the regular ‘blood and skulls’ design for this one…

Unfortunately, our deal with CrossFireCult records hasn’t been the best and we’re looking for a new label to release our album on. If you own a label or know a label that’s interested, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Cheers! – Sepiroth

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